Taking Exams with SofTest

April 6, 2017 Rex McWilliams

Starting an Exam

Once the exam or exams have been downloaded to your machine, the next step will be to select the exam you will be taking.

1. Locate the scheduled exam in the list.

2. Review the details and settings enabled by your Instructor(Note, these settings cannot be changed at this point).

3. Enter the exam password. This password will be given out at the start of the exam. (Note, this password is case-sensitive, and will need to be entered exactly as shown). Click Start Exam.

4. If instructed, you will need to wait at this yellow screen.

5. When instructed, enter the code provided to begin your exam.

6. Once you have been instructed to begin your exam, click the green Start Exam button. (Note, activity conducted during this exam will be logged. ExamSoft or your exam administrators may review this information at any time for audit purposes to verify exam integrity).

7. Click Cancel to return to the list of exams if you've chosen the incorrect exam.


Exam Controls and Options

1. On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see the numbers that correspond to each question, as well as a small radial circle next to each number.

2. To Flag a question, click the flag icon next to the “Question # of ...” text. Flagging a question is useful for exam takers that wish to come back and review or complete the question before exiting the exam. Note, if backwards navigation is disabled on the exam, you will not be able to return to any flagged questions.

3. Above this list, you will see the Exam Controls option. Within this menu, you will see three possible options; Hide ExamSuspend Exam (For non-secure exams only) and Submit Exam. Hide exam will hide the entire exam, but leave the Examplify application running. The Suspend Exam option will stop the exam, exam timer, and any alarms to allow the Exam Taker to return to the exam at any time to complete. The Submit Exam option will prompt the exam taker to confirm this action.

5. Depending on the exam options set by your instructor, you may see a Time Remaining alarm with a time countdown or a 5 Minute Warning alarm with a time countdown. Otherwise, to set an alarm, click the Alarm icon, and select “Add Alarm”. Within the popup window, you will be able to set an alarm “From this point in time”, or “Before end of time”. You may add 2 alarms to run at the same time.

6. Along the bottom row, you will see the Exam Taker Support phone number, as well as the Examplify version number. You will also see the current question number displayed out of the total number of questions on the exam. The left-facing arrow will return you to the previous question. (Note, if backwards navigation is not enabled on your exam, you will not be able to use this function). The Next button will take you to the next question.


Post Exam Actions

Once you’ve completed all the questions, you can now exit the exam.

1. Open the Exam Controls option, and select to Submit Exam. The application will exit out of the exam view, and you will be presented with a warning that you’re closing out of the exam.

2. To confirm, select the check box that you’re ready to upload the exam file, and then select to Exit.

3. If the upload was successful, you will see a green confirmation screen. Once you’ve reached this screen, your exam has finished and you will not be able to enter back into this exam.

4. We’d love to hear your feedback! Tell us what you think, whether you loved or hated it.

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