Deleting a User Account - New Portal Beta

April 6, 2017 Kelly Basara

Instead of marking User accounts as inactive in the new portal, an Institution Level Admin can now delete User account, thus removing their access to the new portal entirely.

Keep in mind, deleting a User account will NOT remove any questions they have created, any assessments they have created, or any courses they are assigned Course Owner to. All content will remain, but will no longer be associated to this User account.

For more information on marking a User as inactive, view our Deactivating a User Account resource guide.

Deleting a User Account

1) As an Institution Level Admin, from the Admin drop-down choose Users.

2) Ensure the Admin sub-tab is selected.

3) Click the Pencil icon  for the necessary User account. This will produce the Edit User page.

4) Click the Delete button.

5) Users will be notified of everything that this User is an owner of before confirming deletion.

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