Frequently Asked Questions - New Portal Beta

April 25, 2017

Who can use the new portal at my institution?

As the administrator for your institution, you can create student and faculty accounts for whomever at your institution you would like to involve in beta testing the new portal.

My content is already in my beta portal. Will changing that content affect my existing portal?

No. Anything you do in your new portal during the beta period will solely affect the content within your new portal. When you actually make the switch permanently, we will move all your data from the existing portal to the new portal again so that you have all the most up-to-date details from your exams. Anything done in beta will remain in a beta area of the your new portal for your reference.

How can I share my feedback?

Surveys will be shared each Friday with the key beta participant, and these surveys will be reviewed by our product team. Additionally, you can email any feedback you have to

What if I encounter a bug while testing?

Feel free to call our support team or send them an email ( in order to report a bug! As this is still in beta, we are actively identifying and fixing any issues.

Can I use Examplify with New Portal?

Yes! You can use Examplify for Win / Mac, or Examplify for iPad to take exams created on the new portal. 

When I attempt to register Examplify, I see two of my school listed in the institution field. Which one should I pick?

Students using Examplify will see two instances of the institution listed when registering. This is because it sees your existing portal and your new beta portal as separate institutions. To take an exam that was created on new portal, you should select the institution that says BETA at the end. For taking exams on your existing portal, find the institution that says (US)  at the end of the institution ID. Note this will only occur during registration on Examplify. 

Are any features not currently available in New Portal?

At this point in the beta, the new portal does have limited functionality. We will continue making Rubrics are still in their infancy, as are LMS integrations. We will be continually working to add new features throughout the beta period.


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