Creating Student Groups - New Portal Beta

May 16, 2017

As an Institution or Department Admin, you have the ability to create Student Groups. Student groups can be used to group a number of students for any situation, including; remediation, accommodations, honors, etc.

To create a Student Group, begin by logging into your portal. Open the Admin drop-down menu, and select Group Management.

Here you will be shown a list of any existing Student Groups. Click Create Student Group.

Give the new Student Group a name. This first field is required. If desired, you may also provide a description for the Student Group.

Beneath the Group Name and Description, you can choose other Admins from your Institution to have edit permissions to this new Student Group. You may wish to extend edit permissions to other Admins if that is their role within your Institution. Note, extending edit permissions is not required.

To extend edit privileges, begin by typing in the Admin's name in the field provided. Alternatively, you may click to Browse More. Doing so will display all Admins within your Institution.

To finalize, click Save

Students may be added to the group in one of two ways. They can be added to groups when creating the Student's account, or, when editing their account.

Note, this project is under constant development and is subject to change at any time. Please check back often as any changes made to the system will be reflected on these documents.

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