Known Issues

May 18, 2017 Aubri Bleacher

This is a list of known issues affecting the most recent version of Examplify, as well as possible workarounds. If you need assistance with any of these issues or you encounter any other issues, please contact our support team. The below-listed issues are expected to be resolved in upcoming releases of Examplify. 

Current Examplify Version: 0.9.3



Delayed Secure Exam Review not working on Windows

Users on Windows may experience an error stating "review is not available" when attempting to open a Delayed Secure Exam Review. 

Clear registration will clear lab settings

When using Examplify in Lab Mode, clicking Clear Registration will clear current lab settings. Lab settings will need to be reconfigured if Clear Registration is clicked. 

Preview functionality is limited

When previewing an exam as a faculty, you may encounter issues when suspending previews and issues previewing an exam more than once. 

Spell check is not working consistently on Mac

Students on  Mac may notice that spellcheck is not consistently identifying misspelled words.  We have identified that this is related to a language setting for spell check within Apple. To improve the functionality of spell check, follow the instructions found here to set your Spell Check language to the language you will most commonly be typing in.  

Long assessment notice preventing exam start

Pre-Assessment Notices that are extremely long and contain HTML are preventing users from starting the exam. 

Deleted Date on portal not updating

When using Remote Exam Deletion, the portal is not updating the Deleted date when an exam is deleted from Examplify on Windows. 

Delay when starting exam

Students may notice that the process of securing the device takes a little longer than expected. 

Unable to install version 0.9.2 after uninstalling the previous version

This error can happen when you are updating from beta version 12.3.5 or 12.3.12 to the newest beta version, 0.9.2. If you encounter this error after uninstalling the previous version, follow the instructions found here to resolve the issue. 

Timer appearing to skip seconds

In some scenarios, the timer on the exam may appear to skip seconds. Note that this is due to lag and the student is not losing any time on the exam.

Windows 10 not updating Exam Taker Activity

In Exam Taker Activity on an assessment, users using Windows 10 will show blank in the OS column.

Ability to exceed character limit

Students can exceed the character limit on an essay question using spellcheck or various formatting options. Note that they can only exceed the character limit by a few characters.

Forget Password Link for Lab Users

The Forgot Password link does not work for lab users. You can access the forgot password link here

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