Scantron Exams & Importing Answers - New Portal Beta

June 7, 2017

If this feature is enabled for your department, and a student is unable to complete their exam on their personal or lab machine, you can provide them with Scantron® forms to complete their assessment. Answer files can be easily imported into the system, and will be included in all analytical reports.

Printing your Assessment

In order for students to take their assessment using Scantron® forms, you must first print the assessment. Login to your portal, and navigate to the assessment. Within any sub-tab, you will see the Print button.

Clicking the expand icon  will allow you to add more columns to the grid if there are any not being displayed.

A print window will now appear on-screen. Scroll through the document to confirm all questions are displayed. Print as many copies as needed for the number of students that need to complete their assessment using Scantron® forms. Note, Essay questions cannot be answered with Scantron® forms.

Preparing your File for Importing

Once all students have filled in their Scantron® forms, you may use whichever software program to convert the raw data to a .csv file. At this time we only accept .csv import formats. Programs like Remark, ScoreIT, Scantron®, Apperson, and others will allow you to do so. 

The exported .csv file must be formatted as follows:

  • Column A: Student ID (can be alpha-numeric)
  • Column B: Test form version (A)
  • Column C: Blank column
  • Column D: Student answer to Question #1
  • Column E: Student answer to Question #2 (and so on, and so forth)

When formatting multiple choice, multiple correct answers, be sure to separate each answer choice selection with a single space (e.g. A C).

We will be supporting the import of FITB question types soon, so be sure to check back for more information!

Importing Student Answer Files

Notea student MUST accept their invitation in order to be active within the portal and upload their answer files.

Navigate to the Proctoring sub-tab. Click the green Upload File button to the right of the screen. At this time we only accept .csv import formats.

Either drag & drop your file into the window, or click Choose Files to browse your computer for the correct file.

If the answer file import is successful, you will see confirmation messages for each student's answers that were imported.

All students that were imported using this process can now be seen within the list on the Proctoring page.

If there were any errors during the import, no student's answers will be imported. At the top of the page, you will see a red error message along with a downloadable version of the attempted import containing the error(s). Click the link to download the file.

Within the error file, you will see the error read-out after the student's last answer column. This error column will give a full description of the error encountered during import.

Below are a list of common errors:

  • The student is not assigned to the posting: This error means that the student had not been assigned to the posting.
  • An answer already exists for this student: This error means that this student has already submitted an answer file from Examplify, or they had previously been imported.
  • An answer contains invalid characters. Only letters A-Z are acceptable: This error means that one of the answer columns contains an invalid character.
  • No parsed scantron answer submitted: This error means that there was no data in the import file.


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