Creating a Linked Assessment - New Portal Beta

June 8, 2017

A Linked Assessment can be created for the same course when viewing a Posted assessment. The purpose of linked assessments allows the user to re-post to another section (coming soon), student groups, or, as a make-up exam. Linked assessments will retain all statistical data, and can be viewed in a combined report.

When creating a Linked Assessment, you're not able to edit any of the assessment options, nor are you able to change any of the question content. Changing the exam environment and question content would create new data sets that can be tracked via un-linked Assessments. To read more about un-linked assessments, click here.

Creating a Linked Assessment

To begin, login to your portal, and navigate into the assessment. The assessment you wish to link may either be in Draft or Posted state.

Click the More button to open a new drop-down menu. Select Duplicate from this list.

A new popup window will appear, where you can choose between a linked or un-linked assessment. Select Linked Assessment, and then click Continue. The newly linked assessment will always be created in Draft status.

You will be brought to the Assessment Options sub-tab of the newly linked assessment. At the top of the page, you can edit it's name. If for some reason you wish to change the assessment options, you will need to Enable Editing. Note, doing so will un-link the assessment, breaking the ability to aggregate data across the once linked assessments.

From this page, or any others, you may change the name of the assessment by clicking the Pencil icon. Click outside of the text field to accept the new name.

Clicking on the View Assessment sub-tab will generate the same message. Clicking the Post Settings will allow you to adjust the posting settings as you would when posting a Draft assessment. Please review our Posting an Assessment guide for more detailed information about this step.

Once you've finalized the posting, you will be brought back to the list of assessments within the course. The icon next to the Scheduled On column indicates there are related assessments. Clicking this icon will open a list of all linked assessments in a slide-out pane to the right.

For more information on linked and unlinked assessments, view our Unlinked vs. Linked Assessments resource guide.

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