LMS Specifications and Requirements

June 22, 2017 Rex McWilliams
  1. ExamSoft will complete a configuration call with the client to configure and test integration with client’s Learning Management System.  This integration includes the ability to sync Student and Course data from the LMS to ExamSoft and the ability to sync grades from ExamSoft to the LMS GradeBook.
  2. Client must have an available test course with test students enrolled in their LMS to complete testing of the integration. 
  3. Client is responsible for setting up and maintaining the configuration of the student and course sync, including selecting time of sync, courses and students to be synced, and ExamSoft Portal in which information will be synced.
  4. Client is responsible for completing Grade sync on assessments after desired assessments have been scored and graded.
  5. ExamSoft has LMS integrations with Blackboard (9.1 and above), Canvas, D2L, and Moodle (3.0 and above).
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