Creating a Hot Spot Question - New Portal Beta

June 28, 2017 Rex McWilliams

All question types may be created one of two ways, either within a Course, or when building an Assessment. Since the creation process is the same for both, we'll show the process once a Course has been selected.

Create a Hot Spot Question

From the My Courses screen, select the Course. 


Select the Questions sub-tab.


Click the green plus sign to the left. Select Hot Spot.

The new Hot Spot creation window will appear to the right.

Begin by entering the Question Title and Question text. You may add an inline image in the Question text, or choose to insert a Formula as well.

Next, choose to upload an image. This image will serve as a "map", where students will need to select the correct location, item, portion, or area to correctly answer the question. We will refer to these as "hot spots".

Click Add Hot Spot. This button will give you a tool to draw an answer location on the image. You may add more than one hot spot for the image. Note, at this time partial credit is not available for Hot Spot question types.

When creating a hot spot, you may make it as big or small as you wish. You can also zoom into the image to create even smaller hot spots. To zoom in or out, use the + or - keys to the left of the image, or use the slider bar.

If you made a mistake and wish to remove a hot spot, click the Add Hot Spot button again to de-select it, and click the hot spot you wish to remove. Click Delete to remove it.

In this mode, you're also able to move and resize hot spots already placed on the image.

Below the image, you're able to add rationale, attachments, and categories.


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