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July 11, 2017 Rex McWilliams

We're so glad to know you're making the switch to Examplify! In making the transition to Examplify, we want to highlight that download passwords will not be available and we have no plans to introduce this as a feature in Examplify. Below we will address some questions you might have! If you have any other questions not listed about download passwords, please contact your Customer Success Specialist directly.

What is a Download Password?
Download passwords were used as an extra measure of security to ensure specific exam takers would be able to download an assessment. If students were not given the download password, they would not be able to see the exam available to download. Download passwords are separate from assessment passwords, and are set during the posting of an assessment.

Are my exams secure without a download password?
Yes! First, the required assessment passwords will prevent access to an exam and your download window limits when your exam can be downloaded. In a secure exam environment, Examplify will restrict the student from accessing the internet on their computer during the exam, as well as any other installed programs and applications. If a student attempts to exit the secure exam environment by force resetting their machine or device, they will be brought back into the exam upon reboot. If a student exceeds the reboot time limit, they will need to enter a Resume Code to get back into the exam. Any voice-activated assistants (like Siri or Cortana) will be inaccessible during a secure exam. Students will also not be able to utilize any Assistive Touch applications; nor will they be able to utilize the Touch Bar on their Mac devices. The Task Bar and App Tray will also be unavailable during a secure exam.

Why are Download Passwords going away?
Download passwords will be a thing of the past within ExamSoft's New Portal. In the New Portal, you will be able to select individual students, or cohorts of students to post exams to. With this new functionality, download passwords will no longer be needed. 

What should I do in lieu of download passwords?
Using the techniques below, alternative security options can be used in lieu of a download password to ensure the security and validity of your exams.

What are some security best practices I can implement since I can’t use a download password?

  1. Strict download start and end times - Utilizing a strict download period for secure exams ensures that the students scheduled at a specific time will only be able to download their exams. 
  2. Using secure assessment passwords - Create complex passwords that are not easy to remember. Use a combination of uppercase, lowercase, and numeric characters.
  3. Validate your Course Enrollments - Before you post an exam to a course, make sure there are no students enrolled in that course that should not have access to the exam.
  4. Using the Exam Taker Activity tab to track downloads - Once the download period has begun, you can monitor which students have downloaded the exam from the Exam Taker Activity tab. 
  5. Restricting Max # of Downloads - By limiting the number of downloads to 1, students will only be able to download the exam 1 time. This will prevent them from downloading the exam any additional times without express consent from a professor. In the event a student does need an additional download, you can easily increase an individual student’s downloads within the Exam Taker Activity tab.
  6. Mandate Remove Exam Download -  Mandating the student to remove the exam download from their personal machine would be best. If they fail to remove the exam download by a specific date / time, you may choose to fail them for the exam. This mandate is specific to each student, and must be handled on a case-by-case basis. For instructions on how to remove and exam download in Examplify, click here.
  7. Remote Assessment Deletion - When posting an assessment, you can enable the Remote Assessment Deletion function. This feature will automatically remove a downloaded but un-opened assessment from an exam taker's machine on a date and time of your choosing. The remote assessment deletion date and time must be some time after the download end date and time has been met.

How do I deliver make-up exams without a Download Password?
In instances where a student missed a secure exam and is granted a make-up exam, you have a few options to choose from.

  1. Create a make-up course specifically for posting make-up exams. Enroll and remove students from this course based on who should have access to the particular make-up exam being posted.
  2. Re-open the download period of an existing exam posting for a very short window to allow the absent students to download their exam. Remember, all activity is documented under Exam Taker Activity, so you can easily validate that no additional students downloaded the exam other than those granted a make-up exam.
  3. Re-posting an assessment will allow you to track all metrics and question data across all cohorts of students. When re-posting an assessment, you will not be able to change the question content, assessment options, or scoring. You will be able to assign a different assessment password for the student(s) needing to take a make-up exam. 

In such cases, we recommend utilizing the alternative security options listed above to ensure that no other students gain unauthorized access to the make-up exam.

How do I deliver remediation exams without a Download Password?
In instances where a student is granted a remediation exam, you may post the exam to the exam taker in one of two ways.

  1. Duplicate an exam within a remediation course
    • First, create a separate remediation course specifically for the exam taker(s) that will need to take remediation exams.
    • Once the course has been created, you will then need to add the exam taker(s).
    • At this point you may choose to Duplicate the original assessment, and post it to the remediation course. Duplicating an assessment will allow you to change all aspects of the exam. Depending on your institution, you may need to adjust the question content to properly assess an exam taker's remediation while still meeting learning objective requirements.
  2. Duplicate an exam within the original course
    • Duplicate the exam posting and post to the original course. Duplicating an assessment will allow you to change all aspects of the exam. Depending on your institution, you may need to adjust the question content to properly assess an exam taker's remediation while still meeting learning objective requirements.
    • Be sure to reference the security best practices listed above to ensure the integrity of your remediation exam, as posting the exam to the original course will allow access to all students in that course if they were to receive the assessment password.
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