Moving Questions Between Courses - New Portal Beta

July 12, 2017 Kelly Basara

Questions can easily be moved around from one course to another within the new portal.

1) Begin by logging into the new portal using your credentials.

2) Navigate to the appropriate Course where the questions reside.

3) Select the Questions sub-tab.

4) Begin selecting the questions that are to be moved, by clicking on the check-boxes. A new toolbar will appear at the bottom of the webpage.

5) Once all the questions are selected, choose Move from the bottom toolbar provided.

6) From the new modal window, begin typing the name of the desired course to move the questions to. Once you begin typing, potential course suggestions will be provided.

7) Once you have chosen the appropriate course, click Move.

8) A pop-up will appear with the ability for you to navigate to the selected course to ensure all questions have been moved successfully.

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