Importing Categories - New Portal Beta

July 12, 2017 Rex McWilliams

Using the Category Import feature, you can now easily set up your category types within the New Portal.

Getting Started

Creating your category import file is very simple. There is no limit to the number of parent or sub-categories that can be created. Note, you will not need to use column headers.

  • Column A - This column will identify the category type to be created. A new category type will only need to be entered once in column A. Category types contain your parent and sub categories.
  • Column B - This column will identify all of the parent categories to be created.
  • Column C - This column will identify all of the sub-categories to be created.
  • Column D (and so on) - Putting a sub-category in this column will create a new sub-category inside the sub-category above.

As you can see in the sample below, the file will begin to take a tree-like form.

To download the category import template, click here.

When you're finished building your category tree, save the file as .XLS or .XLSX.

Importing your File

Login with your credentials. Open the Admin tab, and select Category Management.

Next, click the Import button.

Next, simply drag & drop your import file into the browser, or choose to browse your computer for the file.

Your file will be processed and imported at this time. If you had a successful import, you will see this message, along with any new category type(s) you imported.

Please take a moment for Category Management. Please visit our Creating & Adding Another Category for more information. 

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