Setup: Foundation Training

July 24, 2017 Sofia Morales

The Setup & Administration training session of the ExamSoft101 program is geared towards users that will have access and responsibilities related to setting up your institution.  At this point in your on boarding, you should have completed a kick-off call with your Implementation Consultant and received your project plan to guide you through your implementation.

 Training Topics

 Before Training

1. Confirm with your Implementation Consultant that you are able to login to your ExamSoft portal. You should have received an invitation to create an account via e-mail. 
2. E-mail a sample file of your questions or sample exam to your Training Specialist. 
3. Identify 5 super users to participate and join the ExamSoft101 training sessions.
4. Add the 5 super users to your project plan (that was provided by your Implementation Consultant). 
5. Think about the types of categories you'd like to track.
6. Sit tight! Your Training Specialist will walk you through setup during your first session.

 After Training

1. Follow your project plan tasks to prepare for your set-up review session, to include the following: 
                  a. Create departments
                  b. Create courses
                  c. Create your admin users, assign roles, and course access
                  d. Create your categories, set edit rights, match with department and courses
                  e. Set student access
                  f. Create students (assign groups if applicable)
                  g. Enroll students in courses
2. Create a faculty practice course to use during training and for your internal mock exam.

 Before Your First Exam

1. Confirm the courses have been created in which the first ExamSoft exams will be administered.
2. Verify that student accounts have been created for students in those courses.
3. Ensure those students have been assigned to their respective courses. 
3. Review user accounts to confirm the faculty/staff that need access to those courses or assessments have user accounts with the correct user permissions.


Stay on Track: Book your next session via the link provided by your Implementation Consultant!

• Not sure if completed your setup correctly? Don't worry, your Implementation Consultant will provide feedback during your Foundation Review session!



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