Course Performance Reports - New Portal Beta

July 27, 2017 Kelly Basara

The Course Performance Report, which is apart of the Advanced Reports options in new portal, allows Users to see how certain courses are performing over a selected period of time. Users have the ability to run this report for all courses within a selected Department, or can individually choose certain courses to be included in the final report. By taking the report down to the student level, it will compare all student scores, which can even outline any "at-risk" courses that were selected.

Generating a Course Performance Report

1) Once logged in, select the Admin tab and choose Advanced Reports.

2) This will generate the Advanced Reports screen. While viewing My Reports, click Create New Report.

3) From the options given on screen, select Course Performance

4) You can now customize your Course Performance Report:

  • Report Name - Customize a name for your report, to be able to easily access it from your list of Advanced Reports.
  • Date Range - Select the date range for your courses.
  • Department - Select the desired Department that the courses reside in. Once a Department has been selected, the courses field will be provided, as shown below:
  • Courses (optional) - Begin typing the name of the course(s) to include in your report, or select Browse All to be given a full list of courses in the selected Department; More than one course can be selected.
  • Assessment Types (optional) - Select the assessment types that will be included in the final report; More than one assessment type can be selected.
  • At Risk Threshold (optional) - This is where a User can determine what constitutes an at risk student to show up in the final report. Slide the toggles for both Course At Risk Threshold and Student At Risk Threshold to their necessary locations, on a scale of 0 to 100, or simply type the desired threshold in the provided field.

5) Once completed, select Generate Report.

Viewing a Course Performance Report

1) Once a Course Performance Report has been generated, the number of at risk courses will be outlined in red at the top.

 2) Depending on the courses selected in the report settings, all courses will be outlined in their own drop-down.

  • At-Risk Assessments - Produces the number of at risk assessments within the course.
  • At-Risk Students - Produces the number of at risk students out of the total amount of students within the course.
  • Total Assessments - Prints the number of assessments included in the course.
  • Total Quizzes - Prints the number of quizzes included in the course.

3) Simply select the > icon to show the course performance details:

  • Assessment Name - Prints the name of the assessment, along with a visual number line of the students scores.
    Average - Shows the average score out of all students who took the assessment.
    Score Range - Indicates the range in which students scored on this assessment.
  • Assessment Type - Based on the assessment types selected when generating the report.
  • Scheduled On - Shows Users the scheduled on date provided when posting an assessment.
  • Average Score - Other than a visual representation, the average score is given as a percentage.
  • Status - The overall status of the assessment, based on student scores and the at risk thresholds provided.
    At-Risk - Indicates the assessment is at risk, due to thresholds provided upon generating the report.
    Doing Well - Indicates the assessment is doing well, or above the threshold provided upon generating the report.
  • Student List - Selecting this link will produce a new modal window of the students who have taken this assessment, with their assessment score and status. The Status column will show a red triangle for any students who were determined at risk for this assessment.

4) Selecting the Edit & Create New option will allow you to change the settings of your current report, in order to make any changes.

5) Selecting Rerun Report will generate another Course Performance Report that is linked to the original report itself.

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