First Exam Checklist

August 7, 2017 Sofia Morales

 Policies & Administration

 Ensure exam day policies are in place (i.e., proctoring practices, student procedures). See examples of policies created by other ExamSoft clients here!

 Determine and communicate make-up assessment practices

 Preparing Students

 Import your Courses and Students (with appropriate accommodations)

 Send email invitations to students for finalizing their accounts

 Email students and ask them to download and install Examplify onto their devices (Installation instructions: Win/Mac, iPad)

 Distribute Best Practices for Students guides (Win/Mac, iPad) to students for their review

 Preparing the Exam

 Import or create all assessment questions

 Create assessment

 Preview exam in Examplify

 Post assessment

 Optional: Email exam download instructions to students

 Check Proctoring tab to ensure students have downloaded assessment

 Preparing your Proctor

 Print a paper copy of the assessment - just in case!

 Provide Proctor with:

 Assessment password

 Universal Resume Code

 ExamSoft Support #: Toll-Free 866.429.8889 or International 1.954.429.8889 (If your institution has a Support package)

 During the Exam

Ensure all students have successfully uploaded by:

 Requiring all students to show proctor their green upload confirmation screen upon exit


 Checking Proctoring tab in Admin portal for answer file upload/import times

 After the Exam

 Run any reports necessary for faculty:

     - Assessment Results

     - Basic Class Report

     - Strengths & Opportunities Report (individual student performance) 

     - Item Analysis Report 

 Release results to students as appropriate

 Contact your Key Administrator with any questions! If your institution has a Support package, please contact the Support team.

 You Did It 


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