Importing Questions from Blackboard LMS - New Portal Beta

August 3, 2017 Rex McWilliams

To export your test pools from your Blackboard instance, please refer to our guide for more instructions.

Once you've exported your test pools, locate the ZIP folder, and choose to Extract it. Within the extracted folder, you will need to locate the "res#####.dat" file containing your question content. This file is most often the largest file in that folder.


Depending on how many questions were in the exported test pool, your question content file will look similar to the one shown below. Not to worry - it may look like a mess, but we'll show you how simple this process really is!

Next, follow the instructions to import your questions on our Importing Questions guide. Your portal has built in filters that will process all of your question content and prepare it for import to the chosen course.

When your file has processed successfully, you will see it within the Import Queue list. Click on the file name to pop out the import report.

Click on the Pencil icon to begin the validation process.

Within the list to the left, you will find all imported questions. The list will display each question's title (up to 40 characters), and the type. Selecting a question within the list will display the full question to the right. This process will allow you to validate each question and make appropriate changes before adding them to the course's question bank.

To navigate through the questions, you may simply select the next question from the list to the left, or utilize the Previous and Next buttons within the validation pane.

With a question selected, you're able to edit every field just as if you were creating or editing a question. If your question text didn't import correctly, we provide a text box showing the original text before going through the importer. You can easily copy & paste the original text to make adjustments.

At the bottom of the page, you can add an attachment and tag the question with categories. For more information regarding attachments, please read our Inline Images & Attachments guide. For more information on how to tag categories, please read our Tagging a Question with Categories guide.

If you need to remove a question, locate it within the list and click the button. Click Remove to remove the question from the list.

If you wish to only import a few questions to the course's question bank, tick the check box for each question. At the bottom of your screen you will see new bulk-action items.

Clicking Unselect All will de-select all choices. To import the few questions chosen, click Import.

Utilize the Save button to save all edits made. You can use this feature if you'd like to return to the validation process at any time. You can also use this feature to have another user with edit privileges to this course finalize any changes at another time. To return to the validation process at a later date, simply select the course, and navigate to the Import Queue page. You will see the name and date of the file ready for review within the list.

Once you've validated all questions and made appropriate additions and edits, click Import

From the drop-down menu, you can choose to create a new assessment using the selected questions, or, you can simply save them to the course's question bank. 

If there are any questions with an invalid form, you will be presented with a warning message stating the question(s) will not be imported. Click Import Remaining to import all valid questions, or click Cancel to go back and review the improperly formatted question(s).

If you chose to save to the question bank, the page will refresh to show a successful message, and how many questions were imported.

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