How to Sign-Up for ExamSoft's Status Alerts

August 7, 2017 Rex McWilliams

In the event of upcoming maintenance, scheduled downtimes, or interruption of services, the status page will be updated with pertinent information by the ExamSoft team. Updates will be posted regularly and an email may be sent depending upon the severity and length of the interruption. Once an outage has been resolved, the ExamSoft team will update the status of the incident to ‘monitoring’ for one hour before marking the incident as resolved to ensure that all areas of functionality have returned to normal.

To sign-up for ExamSoft's product status alerts, navigate to

In the upper right-hand corner, click Subscribe to Updates.

From this menu, you can choose to get alerts when ExamSoft updates this page by email or SMS/Text message, from our Support site, or from an RSS Feed.

If you chose to subscribe to ExamSoft status alerts via email, you will need to click the link within the confirmation email to confirm your subscription to this page.

If you chose to subscribe to ExamSoft status alerts via SMS, you will need to confirm this action from your phone so that you may receive updates from this page.

Once you've confirmed your subscription, return to the ExamSoft Status page. Here, you will choose which products you wish to receive alerts / notifications about. By default, all products will be toggled on. Go through the list and choose the different products to get notifications about. Select the ExamSoft products you use at your school from the list, and click Update Preferences.

- ExamSoft Portal (
Includes all functionality on the New ExamSoft Portal accessed via

- Examplify Services
Includes registration, downloads, and uploads on our Windows & Mac testing application.


- Examplify for iPad Services
Includes registration, downloads, and uploads on our iPad testing application.


- Legacy Portal ({institutionID})
Includes any functionality (excluding Reporting and Scoring) on our Legacy Portal application.

- Legacy Portal Reporting
Includes any of the reporting or scoring functionality in the Legacy Portal.

- SofTest Services
Includes registration, downloads, and uploads on our legacy testing application, SofTest. 


- SofTest-M services
Includes registration, downloads, and uploads on our legacy iPad testing application, SofTest-M.

If you wish to change your subscription or alert settings, please follow this process to update notifications regarding your product subscriptions.

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