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August 9, 2017 Sofia Morales

ExamSoft101 is the on-boarding program for institutions that are new to ExamSoft. As part of the ExamSoft101 program, your institution will have a dedicated Implementation Consultant and Training Specialist to guide you through your first exam.

The ExamSoft101 program consists of 7-8 meetings/sessions with your on-boarding team.

  • Kick-off Call - Initial planning call between your Implementation Consultant and Institution/Department Administrators.
  • Setup: Foundation Training  - Your Training Specialist will show your Institution/Dept Admins how to set-up your ExamSoft portal.
  • Setup: Foundation Review - Your Implementation Consultant will review your initial setup to ensure your portal is ready for use by your faculty super users.
  • Assessments: Questions & Exam Settings  -  Your Training Specialist will show your Institution/Dept Admins and Faculty Super Users how to create/import questions and build exams.
  • Assessments: Delivery & Reporting - Your Training Specialist will show your Institution/Dept Admins and Faculty Super Users proctoring best practices, how to adjust scoring, and run reports.
  • Preparation & Exam Policies - Your Implementation Consultant will conduct a final review session to discuss pending action items prior to launching ExamSoft to faculty and students. 
  • Graduation Call - Your final call with your Implementation Consultant to discuss how your first exam went. After this call, you'll be in great hands with your Customer Success Specialist.

To make the most of the ExamSoft101 program, it is recommended that you review the guides below prior to each session and completed the action items within the Before Training section. This will allow you to attend your training sessions with some familiarity to the software, come prepared with questions, and allow you to maximize your time with your Implementation Consultant and Training Specialist. 

The guides below include the target audience for each session, training topics, action items to complete before/after training, and links to helpful resources. 

Training Session Guides
Setup: Foundation TrainingAssessments: Questions & Exam SettingsAssessments: Delivery & Reporting
Additional Resources

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Setup: Foundation Training
Setup: Foundation Training