Setting up your Canvas Integration - New Portal Beta

September 18, 2017 Rex McWilliams

Generating the Access Token

The Access Token is a unique identifier that allows our services to connect with your Canvas instance

1. Log in to your Canvas account.
2. Click Account in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Select Settings from the pop-out menu.

3. Click on the New Access Token button under Approved Integrations

4. In the Purpose field, type in 'ExamSoft'. Leave the expiration field blank.
5. Click Generate Token.

6. In the row that says Token, copy the value that is generated to a separate document. Note, once you close out of this window, you will not be able to access the token again. Although you will be able to generate another token, we strongly recommend copying and pasting the token into a separate document for later reference.

Configuring your Portal

1. Navigate to the ExamSoft portal and login as an Institution Admin.
2. Click Admin, then click Global Settings.

3. Click Institution Settings.

a) Select Canvas from the LMS Type drop-down menu. Click Save at the top right.
b) Click Configure to open the Canvas LMS Configuration page.

c) You will now see a Settings page. Note, this screenshot shows what a completed configuration section looks like after following the guide.

i) Input your Canvas Instance URL.
- This is the URL that you use to access your Canvas instance
ii) Paste the previously copied Access Token into the Authorization Token field.
iii) Select the desired CourseSection& User ID Types from their respective drop-down menus.
- These values are the elements from the Canvas environment that will end up being the User ID and Course ID within ExamSoft.
iv) Select the applicable Course Admin and Student Roles
- The value selected for Course Admin roles will dictate which Canvas users are synced to ExamSoft as admins. The value selected for Student roles will dictate which Canvas users are synced to ExamSoft as students.
v) Click Save at the top right of the screen. You will be returned to the Institution Settings page where you will receive a green message at the top right.

d) Click Save at the top right of this page.
e)Click Edit Sync Settings to open the list of Courses from Canvas.

i) Within the 1. Select Courses tab, select the desired courses using the '+' icon to add them to the sync list.

ii) Within the 2. Edit Sync List tab, apply / change the start and end dates for courses if necessary. Next, select the department within the ExamSoft portal they will be imported to.
- Note, this step may be done in bulk. Select the check-boxes on the left, and use the bulk options that appear at the bottom of the screen.

iii) Click Save at the top right of this window. You will be returned to the Institution Settings page.

f) Click Sync Now under Manually Sync Data to trigger the sync.

- If the sync is successful, you will receive a message in the upper-right hand corner confirming this. 

4) Click the ExamSoft logo in the top-left corner to navigate to My Departments.
5. Select a Department that was selected in the sync list to navigate to My Courses.

a) Verify that the courses were imported successfully.
b) Click to open on the imported courses.
i) Click Students at the top, and verify that the roster has sync'd from Canvas.



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